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Text Box: NYACK STREET FAIR.  Sunday, April 7, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
SUFFERN STREET FAIR.  Sunday, April 14, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
NYACK EARTH DAY.  Saturday, April 27, 2019.  (Rain date April 28)  12:00 to 4:00. 
NYACK STREET FAIR.  Sunday, May 19, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
SUGARLOAF SPRING CRAFT FAIR. Sunday – Monday, May 25 – 27, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
NEW CITY STREET FAIR.  Sunday, June 9, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
NYACK STREET FAIR.  Sunday, July 14, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00
NYACK STREET FAIR.  Sunday, September 8, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
RAMSEY FARMERS MARKET. Sunday, September 15, 2019.  9:00 to 2:00.
NEW CITYSTREET FAIR.  Sunday, September 29, 2019.  10:00 to 5:00.
NYACK FAMOUS STREET FAIR. Sunday, October 13, 201. 10:00 to 5:00.
STONY POINT PAL.  TBD.  10:00 to 5:00.
RAMSEY FARMERS MARKET. Sunday, October 20, 2019.  9:00 to 2:00.
North Rockland High School Winter Boutique.  Saturday, December 7, 2019.  10:00 to 3:00.
* Please keep checking back for additional shows.

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Pam Klein 


Hi! I am Pam Klein, a New York based artist and designer, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from The University of South Florida and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from New Jersey City University. I have taught many individuals and groups the art of tie dying over the years. All the designs are retro, whimsical, and fun! I am very interested in colors, color combinations and experimenting with colors.    Three days are spent creating each tie dyed apparel. I allow all tie dyed fabrics to be immersed in the dyes in sealable bags for at least 48 hours in order to create the most brilliant designs and hues! Additionally, I treat each piece as a piece of wearable art that is amazing enough for me to wear myself! 


The photos on my website are just a small sampling of the clothing and accessories available. Many times, friends, family members (and even friendly people I meet at crafts fairs that I sell at) give me ideas of other dye-able items they’d like me to dye for them! I’m very personable and open minded, so keep the suggestions coming! Just know, that the dyes I use are fiber reactive dyes that molecularly bond with only natural fibers, like rayon, silk, hemp, or cotton (100% preferably). 


The dyes I buy have been sold since the 1969s. As you probably know, the whole Hippie, counterculture movement began in the 1960’s, a time of free expression, creativity and experimentation on many different levels. Tie dying, which originated in Asia, became VERY popular during the late ’60’s  in America, as a form of this self expression. It seems as though tie dying has never really gone out of style. It’s definitely become more mainstream, though. Today, you can find any one from babies and children to conservative parents and grandparents sporting some sort of tie  dye apparel! It’s just COOL!


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