Tie Dye Earth is dedicated to creating colorful and affordable tie dye clothing and items of great beauty that fit the unique   personalities of each of us.  Every item is custom made using only the highest quality fabrics and fiber -reactive dyes. Each 100% cotton item is laundered and treated with only the highest quality, eco-friendly washing agents around! We pride ourselves on providing brilliantly designed tie dyes, created personally for YOU!


We have tie dye:


Short and long sleeve shirts

Little girls’ dresses

Baby onesies and baby caps

Baby dresses

Tote bags

Yoga pants

Little girl leggings


Zipper Hooded Sweatshirts (adults)

Hooded Long Sleeve Shirts



Ladies’ Dresses

Fitted crib sheets

Pillow Cases

Fashion scarves

… and other specialty items


* Custom Orders Gladly Accepted!





ABOUT TIE DYE EARTHCREATION AND CAREText Box: All apparel has been washed by and hand and commercial washing machine and treated with a special eco-friendly textile detergent.  Apparel will not fade, run or discolor any other clothing it is washed with. You can wash it in cold water along with any other clothes to be laundered. The  dyes used to create the colorful, unique patterns on your clothing item are professional grade and thus have molecularly bonded with the 100% cotton fabric.

Text Box: TO CONTACT US:  

Pam Klein